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About Us

About Us

RCZ Performance was created for the purpose of providing any RCZ owner with one place to find anything related to this amazing car.

Founded on 2 April 2012, Steven Ansell is the brains behind this site.  He is a current owner of a 2011 RCZ GT 200 and a self-proclaimed Petrol-Head. Steven cannot stop modifying any car he owns, and now wants to share his experiences with his RCZ with others.

Steven is a member of the RCZ Forum and Peugeot Sport Club of the UK (PSCUK). He joined the forum prior to owning his RCZ and because of what he found out about the car there, he had to have one! He has found the forum very interesting and informative, and as an active participant in discussions. So if you haven't joined yet, do so and look for Steven's posts (RCZ-Performance). Steven has participated in Pugfest and French Car Show (FCS) events, a great way to meet other enthusiasts. Also he has attended RCZ meets through the RCZ Owners Group.

One challenge Steven ran into was locating after-market parts for the RCZ.  It seems there are a lot of companies out there that are producing parts and accessories for the RCZ, but because this is not the only vehicle they make parts for, finding the RCZ parts is difficult for RCZ owners to locate.  So it is because of this that this site was created.

Currently Steven has done the following modifications to his RCZ:
  • Forge Motorsport Brake and Oil Caps (polished)
  • Forge Motorsport Hard Pipe (polished)
  • Forge Motorsport Inter-Cooler
  • Forge Motorsport Silicone Intake Hose
  • Forge Motorsport Silicone Turbo Hoses
  • French Connection Eyebrows
  • H&R Spacers and Racer Bolts (15mm front, 20mm rear)
  • KW v2 Suspension (lowered 4.5cm front and rear)
  • Lighting (LED DRL's, LED Brake and Registration bulbs, HID Fog Light conversion, upgraded DS1 and H1 bulbs, Flashing Third Brake Light)
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres (245/35/20)
  • Pipercross panel filter
  • RCZ Cup Replica Rear Wing/Spoiler
  • RCZ 'R' Gear Shift Knob
  • Rüffer Performance Front Spoilers, Side Skirts, Rear Valance, and Rear Wing for Rear Spoiler
  • Rüffer Performance RS II Exhaust with Front Silencer Eliminator and Crossover Pipe
  • Smoked Side Marker Lamps
  • SpiVision on front and rear lamp assemblies
  • Superchips Remap (252bhp and 349nm of torque)
  • Totally Dynamic full body wrap
  • TSW Rivage Gloss Black wheels with White Painted spoke edges (8.5 x 20)
  • Ultra Racing Front and Middle Lower Braces
  • Zunsport Front Black Grille
You can find Steven on the roads in the U.K. just by looking for his RCZ (you surely can't miss it!)

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RCZ Performance's
2011 Peugeot RCZ GT 200

Although Steven has lived most of his life in California, where he had the opportunity to own and work on many great cars, he is now back home in England.  But while in California he has owned and modified the following:

1970 Ford Maverick

351 Boss with Tunnel Ram, Dual 4-barrel Holley Carbs, 9-inch Stahl in a FMX Auto with manual valve body, narrowed 9-inch to frame with 4:56 gears.  This was built for 1/4 mile and ran mid-12's on street tyres, through exhaust and pump fuel.

1999 Porsche C2 with Aero Kit

Stock engine except for K&N filter, X74 Suspension with 19"O.Z. Superleggera 3-piece wheels.

1989 Ford Mustang GT

Paxton NOVI 2000 Superchaged 351W producing 600+ bhp, Maximum Motorsports suspension, Aeromotive 1000hp fuel system, Baer brake system, Sparco seats and safety equipment, etc. etc. This car had everything needed for road racing and was fun to drive on the streets too!

So you can see that its in Steven's blood to modify any car he has, for it is a passion of his that has now moved onto the Peugeot RCZ.

Thank you for visiting and your support.

Enjoy your RCZ!

Kind Regards.

RCZ Performance