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Brakes & Suspension

Brakes & Suspension

Depending on the engine and model of your RCZ, it will have different brakes and suspension.

The brakes that come on the RCZ are very good and do not need to be changed if used for daily regular use. However if you are wanting better brakes for whatever reason (street, track or just aesthetics), then you do have the possibility to change/upgrade them.

The RCZ comes with two brake systems for the front (rear brakes are the same on all RCZ's):

Standard - 302mm x 26mm
Sport - 340mm x 30mm

As you can see the Sport brakes are much bigger and these are found on all THP200 engine models and HDi 163 RCZ models with 19" wheels. The Sports brake system is an option on THP156 models, but require 19" wheels. However with that said, just because your RCZ has 19"wheels doesn't necessarily mean you have Sport brakes. Along with the great brakes are safety features of Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBFD). These safety features stay intact with any of the brake systems offered by RCZ Performance. You can upgrade the discs and pads (front and rear), brake lines/hoses, or replace the entire front brake system using the options we have within our shop.

System Upgrades

Disc Upgrades

Pad Upgrades

Brake Lines

The standard suspension found on some of the RCZ models come with a standard steering wheel and standard gearbox. Other RCZ models come with a sport suspension that includes an extra torsion beam, a smaller steering wheel and a shorter gear lever. The sport suspension makes the car more direct and alert on each of the driver's commands. On the track the sports suspension is undoubtedly faster, but on public roads the standard suspension gives a more superior feeling because the RCZ performs with more ease. The THP 200 has an added lower anti-collision bar to give the car an even livelier and more agile handling response, while guaranteeing exceptional stability.

The RCZ benefits from a strong base, that of the "Platform 2" architecture consisting of a MacPherson setup with drop link anti-roll bar front suspension, and the rear suspension with a deformable crossmember, two arms and an integral anti-roll bar. It also has a particularly low ride height and centre of gravity, wider tracks and generous wheel dimensions (18" and 19"). Another feature to ensure peace of mind and safety while driving, is the intelligent traction control that comes standard with ESP.

Even with a great suspension, there is still room for improvement. These improvements come in the form of:

  • Coil-Over Conversion - definitely the best way to give you better handling. It will allow you to lower the car to your liking, bringing the centre of gravity even lower, and with some kits the ability to adjust not just the height but rebound (damper)

  • Lowering Springs - a common practice is to install lowering springs. These springs are designed to lower the car a set amount

  • Strengthening Bars - adding bars to the framework of the car provides additional strengthening for better handling

If you do decide to change your suspension, whether it be for aesthetics or to improve the handling on the street or track, we at RCZ Performance can only stress that you use a reputable company that has been doing suspensions for a while. Also remember to get a 4-wheel alignment if you lower your car.

Another modification that can be done to give your car an even sleeker look, and that is the addition of Wheel Spacers. Adding wheel spacers moves the wheels out closer to the edge of the fender giving a more aggressive look and better symmetry with the overall look of the car from the side. Don't just use any spacers, the correct spacers and bolts are a must for safety reasons. See below for more information about wheel spacers for the RCZ.

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