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Engine & Tuning

Engine & Tuning

Whether you have just bought an RCZ or have had it now for a little while, you will agree when we say that the engines that come in our cars are pretty good.  Although not a large engine, coming in at 1.6 litres for petrol versions and 2.0 litre for the diesels, they do pretty good in the bhp and torque areas:

  • Petrol:
    • 156 bhp with 180 ft lbs of torque (115 kW with 244 Nm of torque)
    • 200 bhp with 206 ft lbs of torque (147 kW with 280 Nm of torque)
    • 270 bhp with 247 ft lbs of torque (199 kW with 330 Nm of torque) ('R' model)
  • Diesel:
    • 163 bhp with 240 ft lbs of torque (120 kW with 346 Nm of torque)
As time goes on more and more after-market items are coming available for the RCZ.

One change that is very popular is the replacement of the factory Air Filter. Replacing the paper air filter with a cotton gauze design allows more air-flow which in-turn does help with adding power. Other changes such as Induction Kits, Hard Pipes, Silicon Hoses, and Spark Plugs are also available for the RCZ.

Air Filter

Induction Kits

Hard Pipes

Silicon Hoses

Spark Plugs

Another modification that is very popular on the RCZ is changing how the ECU controls the engine. Those of you that want to get more power and torque, a smoother power curve for better acceleration, better mileage, or all of these, then this is the way to go.

This is achieved by doing one of the following:

  • Remap - direct programming on the factory ECU utilizing software
  • Chip Tuning / Power Module - an addition into the factory electronics that changes engine management settings (some are adjustable)
Tuning Module

Whatever method you use, we at RCZ Performance can only stress that you use a reputable company when it comes to a remap, one that has been doing this for a while and knows the RCZ (preferred).

Engine & Tuning solutions are available from:

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