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As we all know the RCZ comes with a Single exhaust and Dual-Tips, to most owners this gives the car an un-balanced look (it does with us too).

Upgrading the exhaust to Quad-Tips balances the car out, and this has become one of the most popular modifications to the car (this was the first mod we did to our car). 

RCZ Performance has located several after-market solutions and wanted to share with you their findings. Some solutions provide gains in performance and sound, where as others just change the aesthetics of the car. All solutions are fully functional.

Some options that you can think about when you look at upgrading/changing your exhaust are:

High Flow Catalyst with Down Pipe
(THP models ONLY)

Connection Pipe
(THP Models ONLY)

Front Silencer
(including eliminator pipes)

Rear Silencer

(for that 'R' look)

(leaves the factory tips in place but upgrades the back box and pipe)

(balances the car perfectly)

You can buy complete solutions or different items to create your own exhaust solution.

Exhaust solutions are available from:

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