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The RCZ is already very stylish with it's long curved roof beams, the double-bubble roof, and a pop-up spoiler, and it truly stayed as close to the concept design as possible, which makes heads turn no matter where you go. But if you are wanting to give your car a little different look, then changing the appearance is one way of doing that.

These changes can be subtle or more pronounced. Either way it is another step in personalizing your RCZ.

RCZ Performance has been able to locate several items, for example:

Front Spoilers and Splitters

Front Grilles

Rear Extensions and Covers

Rear Spoilers and Wings

Rear Valances and Diffusers

Side Skirts and Covers

You can even buy complete body kits, or pick and choose what you want to make your car stand out form the crowd.

Most items require painting, wrapping, or even dipped to give that final finish before installing. Some items are made from Carbon Fibre.

Although not a styling item, but the wiper blades of the RCZ are a common part to replace and so we carry these. They are high quality units from Bosch and we use them on our car and won't use anything else as they work great!

Wiper Blades

Exterior solutions are available from:

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