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Similar to the exterior, the interior is very well setup and equipped without any options needed in most cases. However there is room for some improvements that might have been missed during the build of the car or came out after-wards that can be added. For lighting upgrades such as replacing bulbs with LED's, please refer to the Lighting section.

Most upgrades to the interior come from Peugeot, and so you can feel comfortable knowing that the parts are original Peugeot parts.

Boot/Trunk Mats
(Carpet or Rubber)

Boot/Trunk Retainers
(for use with the Carpet Boot/Trunk Mat)

Floor Mats
(Carpet or Rubber, Standard or with Logo)

Foot Rest
(missing in Right-Hand Drive RCZ's)

Gear Knobs
(with Black or Red inserts)

Gaiters/Shifter Boots
(Alcantara, etc.)

Steering Wheel
(Sport Alcantara or Leather)

Interior solutions are available from:

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