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Here you will find information regarding the lights on the RCZ and different lighting choices if you decide to change any.

Bulbs come in different styles on the RCZ:
  • HID Xenon
  • LED
  • Halogen
HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Xenon bulbs and Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs are the rage right now, and are a common upgrade from halogen bulbs for any car.  However knowing your cars electrical system and whether or not it can support HID and/or LED  is very important before you spend lots of money on buying any of these bulbs.

The RCZ comes with two different lighting packages:
  • Vision Pack (HID)
  • non-Vision Pack (non-HID)
If you have an RCZ with the Vision Pack, then you already have HID Xenon bulbs installed (dipped beam bulb - D1S).  If you do not have the Vision Pack, you can convert the dipped beam bulb (H7) to HID. There are also HID conversion kits for the main beam (H1) and fog lights (H8).

All of the RCZ models come with LED bulbs (Light-Emitting Diode).  These are found up front as DRL's (2013 and newer - facelift models), and at the rear of the car and used for 3rd Brake Light and Direction Indicators (all years and models).

The other bulbs are halogen, but most of these can be upgraded with HID or LED.

Why do people upgrade their lights could be for one reason or for a few, such as:
  • Better lighting specifically at night
  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Longevity
Whatever your reasons are for upgrading, the results will be personalized to your liking and your car will stand out from the others.

To help you with understanding HID bulbs, as they come in different colours (K rating = Kelvin), here is a chart for your reference:

Halogen bulbs are normally around 3000K, producing that distinctive yellow light.  The factory HID D1S bulbs (dipped beam) are 4300K.  5000K is a good choice for that Pure White look.  The 6000K gives the same but with a slight blue hue.  Usually anything above 6000K becomes too blue and do not produce enough light at night.  Sure they look cool, but they may not be legal.  Please check your local laws for more information regarding this.

Here are a couple of photos to assist you with identifying the bulbs for the RCZ (2010-2012):

A = Direction Indicators - PY21W (Non-Vision Pack = Amber. Vision Pack = Silver)
B = Dipped Beam Head Lamps - H7-55W (Non-Vision Pack) or D1S-35W (Vision Pack)
C = Main Beam - H1-55W
D = Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) - P21/5W
E = Fog Lamps - H8-35W

A = Sidelamps - LEDs
B = Brake Lamps - P21/5W
C = Third Brake Lamp - LEDs
D = Direction Indicators - LEDs
E = Registration/Number Plate - W5W
F = Reversing Lamps - P21W
G = Foglamp - P21W

With the new 2013 facelift RCZ, the bulbs used are the same except that they came with DRL's in the front bumper which are already LED. So you can still use the examples above and the bulbs below if you want to upgrade your light bulbs (except for the DRLs). The new facelift also eliminates the fog lights.
Standard and Upgrade bulbs are available for the following locations:


Dipped Beam
(non-Vision Pack)

Dipped Beam
(Vision Pack)

Main Beam



LED bulbs are available for the following locations:




Registration Plate


All Interior
(Dome/Map/Courtesy, Footwell, Glove Box, Door Courtesy, and Boot/Trunk)

HID Xenon Conversion Kits are available for Dipped Beam, Main Beam, and Fog Lights

(Available in 4300K, 5000K, 6000K, 8000K 10000K, and 12000K)

Lighting solutions are available from:

(click on the logo to be taken to their respective sites)